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Video: Aweber Autoreponder Email List Cash Reclaimer

Industry experts keep proclaiming, “The money is in the list.” This is your email list of your friends, followers and fringe acquaintances. If you’re going to build your brand and get cash-flow that leads to financial freedom, you must build your list.

In this how-to instructional video, Vince Crane shows you a nearly unknown technique that  is a highly guarded secret of about only 1% of Internet Marketers. Check it out, you are leaving lots of revenue behind by not using this simple technique.

Aweber is a excellent tool for handling all your email list-building needs. If you try to build, maintain and promote to your own list, this could cost you your email abilities altogether. If you use your personal email account to send out a newsletter, for example, other email administrators may view you as a spammer, then good luck emailing anyone with your personal email account.

Aweber has relationships with all the major email providers, ensuring them that they represent businesses who do not participate in spam (sending non-requested emails). In fact they have a double opt-in process that you can use to assure both yourself and your subscribers, that you are not spamming. Each email that you send has an opt-out option, so that if your email reaches someone who no longer wants to receive your email, all they do is click the link and remove themselves from your list.

That concept disturbs most marketers when they first hear it, “What? I don’t want my list members to get off my list!” Perfect. That’s exactly the way you need to think. You don’t want to email anything that will alienate your list. If you keep that in mind, and only send your list quality offers and information, then you won’t make them go away (opt-out).

What if they opt-out anyway? Great. That means that this particular person does not resonate with your particular category, niche or style. Why waste your efforts of resources on someone who doesn’t want to receive your information?

In this way you fine-tune your list. You only want to market to people who desire to hear what you have to say, and Aweber is an awesome tool to get your from here to there.


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Introduction to Financial Freedom via the Internet

 Are you unemployed, looking for a job, underemployed, finding yourself with more bills than income on payday?

Okay, if you’re at home, wondering how to get your financial act together to care for you and your family, you may ask yourself, “What am I going to do?”

The answer is, if you’re so inclined, “It’s time to reach outside myself, find my true purpose in life, and turn it into a full-time income.”

Nothing to sell here… All I’m trying to say is that every person came to this planet with certain gifts and abilities to share with the world. The problem is that society will beat your uniqueness out of you in order to make you easier to deal with. The world needs a lot of sprockets and cogs to make the, “machine,” work.

By about the age of seven, you are reduced to just a piece in the machine. Your uniqueness squashed (unless your parents are well-to-do, embellished your talents and abilities and you were a, “prodigy”) and you are reduced to just a piece of the machine, or a, “sheep.”

The world needs a great deal of sheep to make the machine (the 1% of the population that controls 90% of the world’s finances) work to their benefit. You are forced to believe that you need a job to make money. You are forced to believe that you need an expensive education to make more money… expensive enough to widen the gap between the lower class income earners and the middle class of income earners.

But – and here’s the highly guarded secret, as well as the good news – is that people are making the leap from lower-class revenue streams to highest income earners by getting in touch with their god-given unique abilities and turning them into huge revenue stream thanks to the Internet.

Every day someone makes a million dollars for the first time via the Internet.

Maybe it’s time to get your act together, embrace your unique talents and harness the power of the Internet, so that you might be the Internet’s next new millionaire.


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